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Welcome to Plenty Valley Medical Centre
Dear Valued Patients,
It is with regret that we wish to inform you that current Medicare rebates no longer cover the increasing costs associated with providing you with high quality medical care and as a result we have had to review our billing policy.
We are introducing mixed billings for consultations for all Doctors at the practice, however Pensioners, Health Card Holders and Children under 16, will be bulk billed at Doctor’s discretion
Effective from 1/11/23.
New patients will attract a private fee of $81.40, the Medicare rebate is $41.40, out of pocket $40. Dr Ross charges $90 for new patients. Medicare rebate is $41.40, out of pocket $48.60.
If you are unable to attend your appointment, you must cancel with at least 2 hours notice. Failure to do so will incur a $50 fee.

Item # Medicare – Rebate Private Gap
Level A/Short Cons
$18.95 $38.95 $20
Level B/Stan Cons
Item: 23 
$41.40 $61.40 $20
Level C/Long Con
$80.10 $100.10 $20
Level D-Prol Con
Item: 44
$118.00 $138.00 $20
After Hours -A $31.75 $51.75 $20
After Hours -B $53.65 $73.65 $20
After Hours- C $92.00 $112.00 $20
Telehealth A $18.95 $38.95 $20
Telehealth B $61.40 $61.40 $20

Dr Ross’ Fees

Item # Medicare – Rebate Private Gap
New Patient $41.40 $90.00 $48.60
Level B/Stan Cons
Item: 23 
$41.40 $75.00 $33.60
Level C/Long Con
80.10 150.00 $69.90

Skin Checks

Item 23 – $95 – $75 – 10 Minute – Limited skin check after previous skin check
Item 36 – $166 – for 20 Minute appt repeat skin check
Item 36 – $190 – 30 Minutes – New skin check patient
Item 44 – $295.00 – Extended skin check – 40 Minutes

Procedures all billed “Out of Pocket” Cost $150 for each and every 15 minute block of time (or part thereof)

Total fee payable will be + appropriate MBS Schedule fee +OOP

Pensioners and Health Care Card (not Senior card) BB where triple incentive BB fee applies item 23 and 36 ONLY>

That is, all item 3 will be billed as a Private fee as Incentive does not apply.

Care Planning

Bulk billed for Pensioners and HCC cards only, where triple incentive fee appliers. Private Patients – Schedule fee + $40 OOP,

All other patients will be privately billed on the day – Payment on the day will be full payment including the gap payment – at Doctors Discretion.
The full amount will be paid and you will receive the Medicare rebate within 24 hours into your account.
New Patient without Medicare or Patients that have not attended the clinic in the last 5 years are classified as new patients Item 23 + $40 = $81.40 for 1st consult – Subject to Doctors Discretion. New Patient without Medicare – $81.40 – Newborn $65
Only eligible patients will be bulk billed for Medicare Rebateable Services.
These patients include:
Children under 16 years
Vaccinations – kids vaccinations
Health care card, pension card, and DVA card holders

Fees will also apply to telehealth appointments and procedures.

Patients who do not fall into these categories will be charged a private fee – (at Doctors Discretion).

As dedicated healthcare team members of Plenty Valley Medical Centre, we want our patients to know:

  1. We are open and taking appointments.
  2. We offer telephone medical consultations as part of our service.
  3. We can offer telehealth video medical consultations as part of our service. Please refer to Telehealth Information for Patients under FAQs.
  4. We are still offering face to face consultations for all NON Covid-19 conditions.
  5. We have safety procedures in place for our patients and staff.
  6. We are using the highest hygiene standards and managing the waiting room and consultation rooms in accordance with Government Health guidelines
  7. It is important that your regular health needs are still attended to, including childhood vaccination, and blood test, our pathology providers are continuing their services
  8. Flu vaccines will commence soon.

Please contact Plenty Valley Medical Centre on Ph: (03) 9436 9677 and speak to one of our staff.

Call now to make an appointment
(03) 9436 9677

This clinic provides wheelchair access and up to date computer prescribing.

We hope to provide the highest level of care and continuity of care to our patients. Please let the reception staff know if you have any problems or suggestions in which we can which we can better our services.

We are proudly located in the Home Co. South Morang Centre servicing the Mill Park, Plenty Valley area as well as South Morang, Epping, Bundoora.